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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

La culture égyptienne dans la langue parlée

Entraide Bois-de-Boulogne
 Vous invite à assister à la conférence intitulée :
« Héritage II »
Et qui sera donnée par : Gamil Sinki

Après le succès remporté par son premier livre de proverbes et de chansons populaires Gamil Sinki a entrepris la rédaction de Héritage II : recueil d'expression de la culture égyptienne à travers sa musique, ses poèmes, son folklore et ses religions.  Des expressions juteuses et suaves font partie du langage populaire et servent à décrire une situation, une image, une métaphore, le plus souvent
humoristiques. Afin de faciliter la recherche, l'auteur présente ces expressions sous 76 différents thèmes et pourrait être considéré comme une encyclopédie de la culture égyptienne

Le mercredi 16 novembre 2011 à 19h30
Centre de loisirs de Saint-Laurent, 1375 rue Grenet, salle 229, Saint-Laurent

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Astral affiche une 15e année consécutive de croissance

Montréal, le 25 octobre 2011 - Astral Media inc. (TSX : ACM.A ACM.B) a annoncé aujourd'hui de solides résultats pour le quatrième trimestre et pour l'exercice terminés le 31 août 2011. La Société a connu une croissance soutenue des produits, du BAIIA1, du bénéfice net, du bénéfice par action et des flux de trésorerie liés aux activités3.

« Je suis très heureux des solides résultats enregistrés par chacune de nos trois unités d'affaires au quatrième trimestre et de leur contribution équilibrée à la solide performance de la Société en fin d'année. L'exercice 2011 marque la quinzième année de croissance consécutive pour Astral et la première fois de notre histoire que nos produits dépassent le cap du milliard de dollars, a déclaré le président et chef de la direction d'Astral, Ian Greenberg. Nous entrons maintenant dans une conjoncture économique et du marché publicitaire qui comporte certains défis et maintenons notre engagement à faire preuve de la même discipline et à accorder autant d'importance à l'optimisation des coûts, facteurs qui ont contribué à notre succès par le passé.»

Astral affiche une 15e annee consecutive de croissance - Astral

Huffington to Announce Quebec Version of HuffPost | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Arianna Huffington, publisher and editor in chief of the online news blog Huffington Post, is expected to announce a Quebec version of the publication today as she participates in iWDMS, the International Women in Digital Media Summit.

The French language version has been anticipated for some time, following Huffington's talk at RDV Media, an event for professional in the media and advertising industry.

Founded in 2005, the Huffington Post was purchased by AOL in February to $315 million U.S. dollars. Arianna Huffington was named President of the Huffington Post Media Group, which has since launched Canadian and UK versions.

Read More:Huffington to Announce Quebec Version of HuffPost | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Book: Jobs Was a Student of Advertising | Agency News - Advertising Age

If Simon & Schuster wanted to make a few extra bucks off "Steve Jobs," it could bundle up the parts about advertising and turn it into the definitive manual on how to be a client. Jobs sure made plenty of time to for advertising -- three hours every Wednesday afternoon, during which time he'd meet with Lee Clow and James Vincent and others from their agency, TBWA Media Arts Lab, and his own staffers from Apple. Afterwards he might take them to Apple's design studio to look at forthcoming products. That level of involvement is kind of amazing when you consider that he was spending the rest of his time running one of the most valuable companies in the world, an enterprise that involved tearing up half a dozen other industries in its pursuit of innovation

Book: Jobs Was a Student of Advertising | Agency News - Advertising Age

Monday, October 24, 2011

Montreal tech community could benefit from Google expansion | Montreal Gazette Blogs

Montreal tech community could benefit from Google expansion | Montreal Gazette Blogs: Nicolas Darveau-Garneau says he thinks of his job to be more of that of head of a startup, then the director of a regional office of a major conglomerate.

That’s probably a good sign for Montreal’s tech community.

Google’s Montreal office is expanding and Darveau-Garneau is managing that expansion. Long a support office with a few busy engineers, Google Montreal is finally branching out into the business community.

Google plans to hire product consultants and account managers that will work in sales both to push Quebec businesses on Google products, but also just to help them maximize their online presence. Garneau said his first challenge is to convince businesses owners the worth of dedicating some time to creating an online presence, something most small businesses are still reluctant to do.

CTV Edmonton - Funeral Tuesday for Montreal artist Mathieu Lefevre - CTV News

CTV Edmonton - Funeral Tuesday for Montreal artist Mathieu Lefevre - CTV News: A Montreal art gallery says a funeral will be held Tuesday in New York for Mathieu Lefevre, a promising Canadian painter and sculptor who died last week during a cycling accident in Brooklyn.

Galerie Division, which displayed Lefevre's work, says the 30-year-old Edmonton native died last week when a flatbed truck made a right-hand turn and hit him as he rode a bike in an industrial part of Brooklyn, where he had a studio.

Hugues Charbonneau, the gallery's co-director, says the accident happened last Tuesday night. He said Lefevre was dead when the ambulance arrived.

Le Huffington Post Quebec Set to Launch January 2012 | Business Wire

AOL Canada and The Huffington Post Media Group (“HPMG”) today announced their plan to launch Le Huffington Post Quebec. This announcement comes six months after the debut of The Huffington Post Canada, the first international version of The Huffington Post. The new site will combine The Huffington Post’s powerful platform with local expertise and a strong Quebec-based editorial network. The Canadian arm of HPMG, led by Brad Cressman and Managing Editor Kenny Yum, is recruiting an editorial team in preparation for its January launch. The announcement was made by Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, at the Women in Film and Television: International Women in Digital Media Summit in Stratford, Ontario.

“We continue to invest in Canadian editorial teams to deliver engaging content to the Canadian audience.”
"We’re excited to roll out Le Huffington Post Quebec to extend HuffPost’s reach to all Canadians, both French and English speaking and to deliver a nationwide HuffPost offering to our advertisers," said Graham Moysey, General Manager AOL Canada. "We continue to invest in Canadian editorial teams to deliver engaging content to the Canadian audience."

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bell to provide free WiFi access in Montreal | FP Tech Desk | Financial Post

Bell Mobility is erecting a wireless “hot spot” zone over one of Montreal’s most heavily trafficked boulevards, providing free mobile Internet access in the area.

Beyond being a positive gesture of civic engagement in a key market, Bell, which is collaborating with local business interests, will benefit in tangible ways from the new network.

The new local-area network, which sits at the heart of the city along Saint-Laurent Boulevard, will give all users 30 minutes of access a day free of charge letting commuters zip off emails from a smartphone, download music to a laptop or watch video on a tablet without having to use Bell or a rival carrier’s cellular network, which costs money.

Existing Bell wireless customers however are given unlimited access at no cost. For a carrier locked in an escalating territorial scrap with Quebecor Media Inc.’s cable-turned-wireless operator, Videotron Ltee., the network is perhaps a stake in the ground in the city’s core. Moreover, it is a useful “retention” tool that helps Bell keep customers satisfied, analysts say.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

iChannel to Embrace Interactivity with New TV Show, Social Media Integration | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

ichannel is launching a new TV series developed to bring Canadian bloggers, mediaphiles and political junkies together, online and on TV.

#FAQMP (Frequently Asked Questions for your Member of Parliament) is a half-hour interview program that lets the audience pick the guests and ask the questions, using online platforms and social media tools.

#FAQMP debuts October 24. It will also be simulcast online.

The companion website is also where viewers click on images to choose an MP to be interviewed. Questions can be submitted by e-mail, Twitter feed or uploaded video to the site.

Karyn Pugliese, producer and host for #FAQMP, says it was inspired by "bloggers, tweebs and political junkies we've met online. It's a show for anyone and everyone who wants to get closer to the people in power."

With more than 10 years of experience in journalism, Pugliese has worked as a writer, reporter, producer and host in a number of newsrooms including: ichannel, First Nations Voices, Vision TV, Aboriginal People's Television Network and the CBC.

Read More: iChannel to Embrace Interactivity with New TV Show, Social Media Integration | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Jerry Yang Doesn't Believe a Sale Is Yahoo's Only Option | Digital - Advertising Age

Yahoo, which is exploring strategic options after firing CEO Carol Bartz last month, isn't necessarily up for sale, co-founder Jerry Yang said.

"The intent going in is not to put ourselves up for sale," Mr. Yang said at the All Things Digital Asia conference in Hong Kong today. "The intent is to look at all options. There's plenty of options for the board, and plenty of options for our shareholders to realize value."

The comments come as Jack Ma, chief executive officer of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., China's biggest e-commerce company, reiterated today he is "interested" in buying Yahoo and is awaiting a decision by the Sunnyvale, California-based company. Yahoo ousted Ms. Bartz after the web portal failed to keep pace with growth at Google and Facebook.

Jerry Yang Doesn't Believe a Sale Is Yahoo's Only Option | Digital - Advertising Age

Media & Human Rights conference, October 20th and 21st in Montreal

Media & Human Rights conference
All Day Event  Oct 20, 2011
The Promise of Media in Halting Mass Atrocities: A Conference to Mark the 10th Anniversary of the Responsibility to Protect
The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a Canadian-sponsored initiative that seeks to prevent mass atrocity crimes.
The conference will discuss how the expanding, more inclusionary media landscape, with the emergence of social media as a key platform for reporting on humanitarian crises, has changed the way in which the international community responds to genocide.
More info at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spécial > 19 octobre 2011 Plus que 8 jours pour s'inscrire aux événements MTL DGTL!

31 octobre, 1er et 2 novembre 2011
Hilton Bonaventure Montréal

MTL DGTL (Montréal Digital), le festival numérique de Montréal présenté par le Fonds des médias du Canada, arrive à grands pas! Il ne reste que 8 jours pour vous inscrire à un ou plusieurs des quatre événements qui composent la programmation du festival.

L’incontournable journée de l’industrie québécoise de la mobilité
Mobiz, le congrès de la mobilité du Québec, est un nouvel événement entièrement consacré à la mobilité, qui favorise la diffusion et la découverte des plus récentes technologies ainsi que des meilleures pratiques d’affaires.
Mobiz offre une occasion unique de prendre le pouls d’un secteur en pleine ébullition, en plus de réunir de grandes pointures de la mobilité telles que Google, Microsoft, Samsung et Orange.

Réinventez le Web de demain!
Web-In est une journée de microconférences qui stimuleront les artisans de l’industrie à innover et à inventer le Web de demain en amenant ces derniers à aller au-devant des constats, à sortir de leurs zones de confort et même à remettre en questions leurs certitudes.
Web-In est l’occasion idéale pour les mordus du Web de trouver l’inspiration pour leurs futurs projets!

Collaborer pour innover
L'Atelier innovation du Consortium en innovation numérique du Québec (CINQ) réunira un bassin de chercheurs et d'entrepreneurs du secteur des technologies médiatiques interactives, ainsi que les représentants des programmes d'aide financière à la recherche et à l'innovation.
Ne manquez pas cette chance unique de participer à des réunions de travail ciblées, d'échanger sur des thèmes qui vous intéressent, et permettre à votre entreprise d’accroître sa compétitivité à l’échelle internationale.

Cette année, Montréal brille!
Le Sommet international du jeu de Montréal (SIJM) est un événement international offrant  de la formation continue pour les professionnels, des occasions de réseautage et permettant le rayonnement de l’industrie du jeu vidéo. Il valorise les échanges et l’établissement de nouveaux partenariats d’affaires.
Un Espace affaires, une zone d’exposition, un salon de l’emploi, une galerie d’art et plusieurs activités sociales complètent la programmation et en font LE plus gros événement entièrement dédié aux professionnels au Canada et sur la côte Est.

À propos de MTL DGTL
MTL DGTL (Montréal Digital), présenté par le Fonds des médias du Canada, est un nouveau festival dédié à l’industrie des contenus numériques interactifs qui regroupe les programmations du Mobiz, du Web-In, de l’Atelier innovation du Consortium en innovation numérique du Québec (CINQ) et du Sommet international du jeu de Montréal au cours de trois journées consécutives les 31 octobre, 1er et 2 novembre 2011. L’ensemble des activités du festival sont organisées par Alliance numérique, le réseau d'affaires de l'industrie des nouveaux médias et des contenus numériques interactifs du Québec.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Events Courses | IAB Canada: Digital Marketing Research, Education, Standards, Events, Training, Advocacy More!

Events + Courses

IAB Canada’s Events + Courses help keep the Canadian Marketing community aware of the latest innovations and best practices within Interactive.

Current Event + Course Offerings:

1) Interactive Marketing + Online Advertising Course
- Oct. 20, 2011 – Montréal, QC (French)
- Oct. 21, 2011 – Toronto, ON
- Nov. 1, 2011 – Vancouver, BC
- Nov. 3, 2011 – Calgary, AB
- Nov. 7, 2011 – Toronto, ON
- Nov. 7, 2011 – Montréal, QC (French)
- Nov. 9, 2011 – Montréal, QC
- Nov. 21, 2011 – Vancouver, BC
- Nov. 23, 2011 – Toronto, ON
- Nov. 28, 2011 – Montréal, QC
- Nov. 28, 2011 – Montréal, QC (French)
*NOTE: Both E/F Montréal Courses will be taught on the same day at the same location, but in different rooms.
- Will be back in field with this Course in Jan. 2012. See you soon!
- Will be back in field with this Course in Jan. 2012. See you soon!
Events Courses | IAB Canada: Digital Marketing Research, Education, Standards, Events, Training, Advocacy More!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Digital Indoor Advertising Hits the Club and Bar Scene | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Montreal-based digital advertising agency Newad is announcing a major growth in its digital indoor offering, with the addition of 700 LCD screens in 140 bars and nightclubs.

The new 24-to-80-inch digital screens are located in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal and operated by BarNet, a Canadian company specializing in digital indoor advertising.

Newad says it is offering advertisers a total of 1,300 digital screens targeting young, affluent and trend setting urbanites with the new partnership.

In addition to running advertisements of 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds as well as entertainment content, the installs offer interactive features for content updating and advertising integration.

Accessible Media Ramps Up Tech Systems for HD, Wireless Services | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

The Canadian 'must carry' TV service provider Accessible Media, delivering TV content to Canadians with vision, hearing, learning and mobility impairments, is updating its complete IT infrastructure in preparation for HD and wireless service offerings.

The goal of the project was to improve both AMI's broadcast operations, including network performance, availability and delivery of HD video, and its internal business operations, such as security and wireless access.

Working with Dimension Data, Accessible Media, Inc. (AMI) says the deployment helped improve its broadcast and internal business operations, spanning network performance, availability, security and remote and wireless access.

American Horror Story Kicks Off FX Canada Specialty Programming | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

FX Canada, the new Canadian digital specialty channel, will launch its programming services with the new series American Horror Story.

Launching appropriately enough on Monday, Oct. 31, the service will broadcast other critically-acclaimed programming including FX-acquired series, movies and original Canadian series.

"Showcasing world-class content, FX Canada is an example of our continued commitment to bringing Canadians the best television has to offer," said Scott Moore, President of Broadcasting, Rogers Media. "With award-winning series, ground-breaking hits and unique content never before seen in Canada, we're establishing FX Canada as a leading source for out-of-the-box, engaging and entertaining programming night after night."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Canadian internet use • Telecom Trends

Statistics Canada released an interesting variant on its Internet Use Survey yesterday. Unlike its release from May which examined household use, yesterday’s numbers provide an indicator for individual usage for Canadians aged 16 and older. Both reports are for the same period.

Many of the stories I read focused on the regional differences in internet adoption – a phenomenon we have explored before for internet [such as here] and for mobile services.

Canadian internet use • Telecom Trends

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Canadian Journalist for Free Expression CJFE, 14th annual Gala, Night to Honour Courageous Reporting

As you may have already heard, the 14th annual CJFE Gala: A Night to Honour Courageous Reporting is fast approaching.
Thursday, Nov 24, at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.
buy your ticket
Facebook page

The CJFE Gala is the premier event celebrating free expression in Canada. This year, we will be honouring those reporting from the front lines of the Arab Spring, and the evening will showcase a stunning photo exhibit chronicling the extraordinary events which swept countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain. We will share with you the evocative images and stories of Canadian and local journalists who witnessed and told the world about this incredible revolution for change.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Broadband TV and OTT Services Continue Growth in Canada, Says Industry Group | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

The appetite Canadians show for Over the Top (OTT) broadband TV services is substantial and growing.

A new cable industry association report says 48% of Canadians have watched a movie or TV series episode online.

Such research underscores additional industry analysis that also shows Internet users will up- and download 1.2 million petabytes of data per year by 2015, around seven times more than in 2010 - the vast majority of it video and media content.

In its inaugural In Touch research study on the topic, the Cable Telecommunications Association for Marketing (Canada) has found the percentage of Canadian consumers who claimed to have watching video content online reached 48% in June, with the highest usage amongst males (51%) 18-34 year-olds (71%) and those with no television service providers (56%).

Television still counts some 58% of Canadians, but non-broadcast media accounts for 28% of Canadians' viewing with 13% specifically indicating use online.

Men (32%), 18-34 year olds (46%) and those with no television service provider (54%) are most likely to avail themselves of these television alternatives.

Rogers Boosts Mobile Device Management Solutions Across Country | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Rogers Communications will offer new Mobile Device Management Solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android and notebooks to its business customers.

Rogers has announced a new service agreement with Montreal-based Trellia Networks, and it will offer to its business customers across Canada consolidated billing for mobile media device services, in addition to Rogers' other products and services.

The wireless provider will be billing business, government and municipal customers directly for Trellia solutions through its enterprise sales channels.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Be proud Canadian Montreal ppl. : Scientist from Montreal Wins Nobel Prize In Medicine

Canadian Scientist Wins Nobel Prize In Medicine

Ralph M. Steinman was born in 1943 in Montreal, Canada, where he studied biology and chemistry at McGill University. After studying medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA, he received his MD in 1968. He has been affiliated with Rockefeller University in New York since 1970, has been professor of immunology at this institution since 1988, and is also director of its Center for Immunology and Immune Diseases.
Download press release in english HERE