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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Over the Top Internet TV Services Coming to Canada | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content


Roku is brining its streaming media services to Canada, beginning in early 2012.
The streamaing media provider's recent announcement echoes one coming from Boxee, with both companies unveiling plans for global expansion in 2012. Both aim to expand Canadian access to Internet-based TV services, building on the offerings of existing platforms such as traditional cable and satellite networks.
Roku's set-top box connects to a home TV, and currently offers more than 350 channels of content, including from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, Hulu Plus and music service Pandora. Casual gaming and other media and entertainment content is also provided through the U.S. service.
There are no other details about the company's international launches, such as about service models or pricing.
However, Roku has reported that it will work with computer and electronics distributor Synnex Canada, which has offices and resellers across the country. Synnex Canada also runs a Technology Solutions division, based on its previous acquisition of EMJ Data Systems Ltd., a provider of digital video and other products.
Roku Founder and CEO Anthony Wood said in a statement that his company is "[L]ooking forward to kicking off 2012 by expanding to Europe and Canada and providing consumers abroad with the best in streaming entertainment."
Roku's open platform supports region- and topic-specific channels, while enabling publishers of video, music, games and other Internet-delivered content to reach Roku customers via their TV. Content can be free, ad supported or paid.
More Over the Top Internet TV Services Coming to Canada | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Canada ranks third worldwide when it comes to professional happiness, LinkedIn says -

LinkedIn recently released data about global professionals’ career ambitions and satisfaction with their current jobs.
Research revealed that 69% of Canadian professionals are either happy or very happy with their current job, the third highest in the world. The global average is 63%. Those in the Netherands are most happy (80%) and in Japan, they are least happy (31%).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MSL Canada Appoints VP Montreal, and Hires Two in Toronto - MarketWatch

Nov. 16, 2011

MSL Canada, a part of MSLGROUP Americas, the Publicis Groupe's flagship specialty communications, PR and engagement company, today announces the appointment of Sophie Merven as VP, Consumer, in the Montreal office.

In her new role, Merven will be responsible for overseeing client relationships and consumer team accounts in the Montreal office and will join the Canadian senior management team.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interactive Website Celebrates Hockey at its Best | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content


A new hockey centric website developed to promote Thirty Years of the Game at Its Best uses interactive software and an online video platform developed by Toronto based Filemobile Inc.

Filemobile partnered with Penguin Canada to provide the video contest platform behind, launched in support of a new book published in advance of the World Junior Hockey Championships in Calgary and Edmonton in January 2012.

Thirty Years of the Game at Its Best, the physical book, is on sale now in retail outlets; it is slated for release as an e-book on December 26.

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Yahoo! Canada and Hockey News Team Up to Share Content across Media Platforms | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content


An inclusive content-sharing partnership, including multi-platform cross-promotion and editorial collaboration has been signed by Yahoo! Canada Sports and The Hockey News.

Beginning today, content from the print publication The Hockey News will be prominently featured online across Yahoo! Sports, and Yahoo!'s hockey coverage will be integrated into The Hockey News. Social media platforms and online fantasy leagues will also be utilized by the partners.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

IAB Canada Courses and Events 2011

Events + Courses

IAB Canada’s Events + Courses help keep the Canadian Marketing community aware of the latest innovations and best practices within Interactive.

Current Event + Course Offerings:


- We will be back in field with this Course in Jan. 2012. See you soon!
- Nov. 21, 2011 – Vancouver, BC
- Nov. 23, 2011 – Toronto, ON
- Nov. 28, 2011 – Montréal, QC (English only)
- We will be back in field with this Course in Jan. 2012. See you soon!
- We will be back in field with this Course in Jan. 2012. See you soon!

Montreal company Cakemail credits multilingual platform for success

By Jason Magder, Postmedia News November 10, 2011

CakeMail CEO Francois Lane (right) and sales vice-president Steve Smith are finding success around the world with their white-label software product that makes email marketing much easier. About 100 million emails are sent each month using the software.

MONTREAL — It's a company logo you just want to eat.

The colourful yellow and brown cartoon cake with a cherry on top is eye-catching if not mouth-watering.
It's just too bad hardly anyone ever sees it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Un don de 500 000 $ propulse la campagne de financement de l'Institut Argyle | DON magazine: Quebec

Grâce à un don de 500 000 $, la campagne de financement de l’Institut Argyle des relations humaines a connu son coup d’envoi aujourd’hui. L’objectif de la campagne est d’amasser un million de dollars en dons.

Victor Bertrand Sr., président fondateur de MEGA Brands, le fabricant de la marque de renom Mega Blocks, et son épouse Rita ont contribué à la campagne avec un don personnel. Mme Carmela Mindel, présidente de l’Institut Argyle, a tenu à exprimer sa gratitude envers M. et Mme Bertrand, d’autant plus qu’il s’agit de la deuxième contribution d’importance du couple au cours des quatre dernières années.

M. Bertrand, un membre intronisé au Temple de la renommée des jouets, a déclaré que son don reflète son dévouement à l’industrie du jouet, alors qu’il a toujours mis l’accent sur la création de moments agréables et éducatifs pour les enfants et leurs parents.

Mega Brands profit dips on higher costs - The Globe and Mail

Toy maker Mega Brands continued to improve its sales in the third quarter even though cautious retailers have reduced their purchases ahead of the key Christmas buying season.

“We have achieved eight consecutive quarters of year-over-year sales growth,” CEO Marc Bertrand said Wednesday during a conference call.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three American Tech Giants That Could Have Been Canadian (But Our Laws Made it Impossible) -

Canada isn't known for housing massive technology corporations like its southern neighbour. But is that for lack of innovation or rather laws that stifle company's growth potential?

University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist recently penned a piece titled "Why Isn't YouTube Canadian?" It is based off his appearing before the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, which is conducting a study on the e-commerce market in Canada, in October. On his blog, Michael posted his opening remarks—which interestingly observe how laws have prevented Canadian-born companies from potentially becoming global giants.

Montreal man sharpens his knives for Next Iron Chef

In interviews promoting his appearance on Iron Chef this past spring, Canadian chef Chuck Hughes was quick to emphasize that he wasn't necessarily appearing on the Food Network juggernaut to represent his homeland so much as his hometown: Hughes is, after all, a fierce Montrealer. But now that Hughes is poised to make his triumphant return to Kitchen Stadium as a contestant on The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs, he is showing a bit more national pride.

"I don't know how much emphasis they'll put on the fact that I'm a Canadian chef - I'm not sure if that's going to be the focus for me," Hughes says over the phone.

Montreal to spend $550 million on east-end infrastructure

MONTREAL - The city of Montreal expects to spend $550 million on infrastructure work in the city’s east end during the next six years – and is depending on the private sector and higher levels of government to come up with at least another $4 billion to breathe some fresh economic vigour into the area, Mayor Gerald Tremblay told business leaders Monday.

He waited until questioned at a later press conference to confirm the long-touted Notre Dame St. E. revitalization project has again been placed indefinitely on the back burner.

Any mention of Notre Dame was entirely omitted from the city’s “global vision” for east- end development through to 2017, which Tremblay presented during a 48-minute luncheon speech Monday to an east-end business group.

New Multi-screen Live Video Solution Streams from Canadian Facilities | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

Three top technology companies say they have created a new way for service providers to deploy a complete multi-screen 'TV Everywhere' service, including streaming live video.

Key contributions to the solution come from a team of digital media engineers based in London, ON at the Canadian facilities of itaas, the interactive TV consulting firm based in the U.S.

itaas' Canadian offices, working on products for the deployment of ITV solutions including ETV/EBIF, tru2way and IP-based interactive services, were 'seeded' by about ten former employees of TVWorks, (that office was closed by Comcast last year).

Coronation Street Plays Catch Up as CBC Inks New Digital Deal | Mediacaster Magazine - Broadband & Content

A new multi year deal for the popular British soap Coronation Street will allow Canadian audiences to catch up with those in the U.K. using online and on-demand digital media delivery platforms.

Canadian viewers are watching shows that are about nine months behind the UK air schedule, currently viewing the aftermath of Corrie Street's dramatic tram crash storyline, marking the 50th anniversary of the world's longest running soap (celebrated in the UK last year).

The show currently airs twice every weekday in Canada; the new transmission schedule will eventually allow Canadian viewers to catch-up with the UK.

ITV Studios Global Entertainment, ITV's international distribution business, extended its long-running relationship with the CBC through the new multi year deal that includes digital catch-up rights. The show will be available for the first time in Canada multi-media platforms such as iTunes as well as CBC's own online video-on-demand service.