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IAB Canada – CMUST Presentation
The 2012 Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) is the only Canadian Report crossing all major media and combining each channel’s research audience currency of record, five currencies in all. The study documents consumers’ changing media consumption across all media as digital technologies impact the lives of Canadians.

Since its inception in 2004, CMUST has tracked the increasing reach and time-spent (number of minutes) as more Canadians have shifted their news, entertainment, banking and other activities to the digital space. The 2012 CMUST Report gives a clear picture for the marketing and publishing community in Canada to base their strategies, investments and products on.
CMUST is a PHD Analysis Commissioned by IAB Canada.
After this event the full contents of the study will only be available to IAB Canada members.


7:45-8:30am – Registration and breakfast
8:30-10:30am – Presentation of Data by Rob Young of PHD Canada
Rob Young, Senior V.P. Director of Insights and Analytics, PHD Canada
Rob oversees PHD Canada’s insight and analytic output for many of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated advertisers including such accounts as Scotiabank, Honda, and Home Hardware. Rob specifically executes all media modeling work at PHD where returns on investment are determined by marketing channel for client campaigns.
Rob and the PHD media research department have developed a reputation for providing media research support to the media, both print and broadcast. A particular expertise has been developed in the area of generating advertising value assessment.


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